Elephant & Lotus

Yogi Candle


Elephant & Lotus makes each Yogi candle with only 100% pure undiluted essential oils of cedar, eucalyptus, lavender and peppermint. It’s a blend that’s been carefully created with the yogi in mind that not only nurtures a relaxed and balanced environment, but these ingredients have been known to be promote breathing and circulation while soothing physical discomforts and tension.

The compounds that naturally occur in these oils have been found to:

  • a great companion for yoga
  • whenever you need to regenerate
  • uplift yourself
  • soothing physical discomforts and tension

Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday! Now when purchasing Elephant and Lotus candles, you can purchase an additional Candle Kit for $68. The discounted price will be automatically deducted from the shopping cart. Each candle is limited to one set, while supplies last.

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