• Clairvoyant
  • Psychic Tarot Card Reader
  • International Certified Aura Analyst
  • International Certified Reiki Master 
  • Feng Shui Consultant 
  • Graduate of BioGeometry Advance
  • Graduate of Numerology Advance


Janus Chan (Jan Jan) was born in Hong Kong and grew up in New Zealand. Since childhood, she realized that she possessed a special gift and intuition allowing her to sense the energy in people and the environment. As her motivation to uncover energy’s connection to personal wellness grew, Jan Jan studied Tarot, Channelling, Aura Analysis, Reiki, and Crystal Healing under the guidance of well-known international clairvoyant, Lynette Ann Jennings, as well as international Reiki master, Robert Jennings, and has since expanded into other disciplines over the past 10 years.

 Today, she combines her mastery of the spiritual and metaphysical realms to guide souls on their journeys towards personal wellness as a spiritual life coach. Jan Jan's impressive spirituality has become well renowned in Hong Kong and Taiwan, successfully attracting widespread media attention and leading to collaborations with international brands such as Dior, Cosmopolitan, and Swire Travel, amongst others. Her work has been featured in television, radio, and magazines, and she is the first Hong Kong television personality to also secure a permanent on-air role as a clairvoyant expert with several Taiwanese network channels. Recently, Jan Jan became the host of Hong Kong’s first astrology-themed television program on ViuTV.


Advice from a tree

As Trees brave the seasons, they must survive sunny days to last the cold frosty winters that may follow. The same is true of people. It’s important that we lay solid foundations and set proper goals for ourselves to weather any tumultuous difficulties ahead, stick to our convictions and persevere.

  Advice from a tree  
- Stand tall and proud
- Go out on a limb
- Remember your roots
- Drink plenty of water
- Be content with your natural beauty
- Enjoy the view


Founded by a well-known spiritual consultant, Janus Chan (JanJan). Treehouse the Spiritual Shop was established in 2013 based on the philosophy that all living creatures are integral parts of nature. Through energy balancing services and a selection of spiritual wellness products, Treehouse aspires to guide souls to stay grounded with Mother Earth, connect to the divine, and feel their best in the body, mind, and spirit.

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Located in the hub of the business district, Treehouse has created a tranquil surrounding to slow the mind, relax, and holistically nurture spirituality for those seeking to be awakened. It is a spiritual hub that fosters personal well-being and bridges the inseparable link between oneself and the outside world.

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