Two Tone (Obsidian + White Quartz)


The Wheel Of Life is a masterpiece weaving together sophisticated craftsmanship, delicate crystal art pieces, with a range of proofed benefits, including blocking radiation, purifying the energy of a particular area and charging your crystals. The Two Tone Wheel Of Life inspired by Tai Chi pattern, which has a wider energy coverage than the general Wheel Of Life. 

Each Wheel of Life uses geometric shapes like the Flower of Life, Book of iChing, Mandala and other totems to simultaneously balance the energy of a surrounding area and exert the healing effects of crystals.

Healing Properties of Obsidian:

  • Blocking negative energy
  • Bringing deep relaxation & tranquillity
  • Clearing blocked energy
  • Boosting up healthy


Healing Properties of White Quartz:
  • Creating a shield to protect you from negative energy
  • Bringing positive energy
  • Enhancing spirituality
  • Strengthening spiritual receptiveness
  • Preventing nightmare

The latest Tai Chi Wheel of Life Collection offers a larger energy coverage than the normal Wheel of Life, and uses a symmetrical totem inspired by Tai Chi, which is about yin and yang balance in everything so that nothing is either too strong or weak.

Place Tai Chi Wheel of Life around your environment according to your living habits. For example, place them in front of your computer or to screen if you tend to spend long hours in front of these devices. Or if you are looking to improve sleep, place them on your bedside table.

To learn more about Wheel of Life and which one suits you the best, visit Treehouse the Spiritual Shop in Central and speak with one of our spiritual consultants!

Diameter: 100mm(Approximately)
Weight: 370g (Approximately)

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