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Wheel of Life - Icosahedron (Lazurite)

Using a wide variety of minerals, crystals and metals as material for its artistic creations. Wheel of Life Team take human anatomy and life science as it's fundamental starting point. Additionally, it takes as its theme the influence of various social-environmental behaviors as a means to elucidate the direction of humanity's future development.

At the same time, the team seek to express humanity's unique relationship with nature through the use of designs created by an amal-gamation of the knowledge, logic and ideals found in both Eastern and Western thought. The end result is an all-new perceptual experience, which at once encompasses the visual, conscious and spiritual dimentions.

This Wheel of Life is designed as a regular icosahedron, with a spiral outer ring and red masonry. The design of the spiral outer ring can absorb energy. The icosahedron is the only regular polyhedron in the world that is closest to a perfect circle. It symbolizes water, which can contain, purify, and change the environment and personal magnetic fields through the conduction of energy.

Diameter: 140mm(Approximately)
Weight: 1262g (Approximately)

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