Wheel of Life - Graphene


這款黑白Two Tone Wheel Of Life 有著非常顯注的保護能量,除了能夠助您築起強大的空間保護屏障,亦能調整心情,使人於困境中都能保持正面、積極的態度。與一般的WOL一樣,用家並不一定要時常接觸到,可將其放置於電箱、電視機、Wifi等位置以阻隔無線電波或輻射的不良影響;若有感不適或疲憊時,則可將Wheel Of Life握在手中來改善自身狀態。

Diameter: 51.5mm(Approximately)
Weight: 145g (Approximately)



What is the Wheel of Life?

The Wheel of Life Collection describes a number of art pieces that serve as a medium of expression of Sacred Geometry. The significance of Sacred Geometry is well documented throughout Western and Eastern mathematics, science, philosophy, religion and architecture.  At its core, followers of Sacred Geometry believe that repeating mathematical patterns found in nature underpin the interconnectedness of all life on Earth. Each Wheel of Life art piece features these geometrical symbols like the vesica piscis, which evolves to become the Seed of Life and then the Flower of Life, whose vibration is fundamental in the harnessing and fostering of uninhibited energy flow.

How is a Wheel of Life made?

Artists in Taiwan produce each Wheel of Life using micro technology to structure metallic beads and carefully selected natural crystals into Sacred Geometry shapes with the utmost precision that is accurate to a fraction of a millimetre.


What are the benefits of having a Wheel of Life?

The sustainable energy field created by a Wheel of Life will cover an expanse of area around it. It benefits those within its reach by improving the spatial environmental aura, reducing negative energy, and nurturing an individuals’ own ability to self-heal and re-align their energy imbalances. The crystals inside each Wheel of Life correspond to various Chakras of our body that will also encourage healthier balanced Chakras.


How do I use a Wheel of Life?

A Wheel of Life can be placed and kept permanently in areas you frequent, like a bedside, office, or living room because of the spatial energy benefits. Additionally, they can be used to counter the disruptive unnatural energies of WiFi routers and electronics. Others may find it useful to bring them along with their person for specific encounters or activities such as a job interview or meditation. The Wheel of Life Collection is available in different sizes and materials to suit an individual’s routines and habits.

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