Treehouse 10th Anniversary - Tree of Life Wheel of Life


Treehouse十週年特別版限量產品現已推出,我們會率先介紹這款十週年特別版生命之輪。這款生命之輪的圖騰融合了Treehouse的標誌和理念,更配合了海藍寶、橄欖石、黃鐵礦及虎眼石四款水晶的能量,以達到內外、上下、陰陽及七輪平衡,繼而達至三位一體 - 身心靈的平衡。這個功效全面而設計獨特的生命之輪將以限量發售,數量有限,先到先得!

Wheel of Life系列不只是美得令人驚嘆的藝術物,同樣亦具有強勁而溫和的能量,融合東方醫學與西方科學,結合了數學、物理學、神聖幾何學和古代符號與古文字的概念,包含了印度的曼陀羅、中國的易經太極、西方的梅塔特隆立方體,以及東西方都可見的生命之花,最適合調節生命能量、改善周遭氣場,提升人類的自癒力並發揮潛能。

The Treehouse 10th Anniversary Limited Edition Wheel of Life is now available! This special piece features a Sacred Geometry totem that bears a likeness to the Treehouse emblem with a function that manifests the main philosophy of Treehouse the Spiritual Shop – “As above, so below, as within, so without”. Four crystals were chosen: Aquamarine, Peridot, Pyrite and Tigerite, that work together with the totem’s Energy of Shape to balance your inner and outer selves, from top to bottom, thereby harmonizing your yin and yang energies and regulating your 7 Chakras to achieve the Holy Trinity equilibrium of body, mind and soul. The Treehouse 10th Anniversary Edition Wheel of Life will be produced for a limited time only, so be sure to get yours while quantities last!

Each Wheel of Life is an art piece that serves as a medium of expression of Sacred Geometry. At its core, Sacred Geometry believes that repeating mathematical patterns found in nature underpin the interconnectedness of all life on Earth, and whose vibrations are fundamental in the harnessing and fostering of uninhibited energy flow. The sustainable energy field created by a Wheel of Life will cover an expanse of area around it. It benefits those within its reach by improving the spatial environmental aura, reducing negative energy, and nurturing an individuals’ own ability to self-heal and re-align their energy imbalances.


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