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Verdure Rutilated Quartz Bracelet

Our team has recently acquired a newly discovered crystal from an independent mine in Brazil, which Treehouse has officially name Verdure Rutilated Quartz.

Many of us just want to live in peace, and in order to do so, we endure many things in life for the sake of accommodating others and to avoid causing trouble. As a result, one suppresses their true will and this manifests itself in inner pain, anger, and anguish, as we find ourselves unable to speak out. Verdure Rutilated Quartz clarifies and separates our true thoughts from the chaos of trying to be a good person, and helps to distill our problems of communication so that we can express ourselves properly and achieve harmony via different methods.

Composed of minerals that are similar but not quite the same as Arusha Sun Stone, this crystal sets itself apart with opulent fine green and silver hair-like rutile strands, and corresponds to our upper three chakras and heart chakra.

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