The Really Badly drawn tarot


With the Really Badly Drawn Tarot deck the Cups are always half full and every future is a bright one. Let this deck become your little ray of sunshine on darker days and turn your card-of-the-day into a little pick-me-up! 

This deck include a booklet of 168 pages reveals a hopeful message or completely useless answer for each card. It includes memes, jedi wisdoms, affirmations, instagram-worthy quotes, weird pieces of advice you're better off ignoring, wildcards and even a RickRoll. 

  • There are 80 cards in the deck.
  • The cards are tarot size (70mm x 120mm)
  • The cardstock is high quality 350gsm art paper with matte varnishing finish.
  • The guidebook is tarot size (70mm x 120mm) with 168 full color pages. 

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