The Little Yogi© Happy Notes: 40 Impulse Cards With Instructions


The Little Yogi© inspires both young and old alike. His loving and soulful messages go straight to the heart. The inspirational cards give us wonderful moments of happiness: they warm our heart and help us focus on the essentials and strengthen ourselves. For each happiness message, the detailed booklet offers thoughts for going deeper as well as appropriate exercises: mindfulness exercises, affirmations, little meditations, and yoga exercises give us additional practical impulses.

Contains 40 impulse cards and a 76-page full-color, illustrated booklet.

Born in beautiful Salzkammergut in Upper Austria, Barbara Liera Schauer was already drawing at a tender young age. In 2009 she found her calling and the enchanting cult-figure “The Little Yogi” came into being. She has a diploma as relaxation trainer with a speciality in Yoga and Children’s Yoga Teachers.


Weight 0.775 lb(s)

Size Box measures: 4.25" x 5.75";

Cards measure: 3.75" x 5.375"

Language EN

Author Barbara Liera Schauer

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