Tarot of the Holy Spectrum: Color Me Edition


Tarot of the Holy Spectrum: Color Me Edition is an independently designed Tarot deck by multi disciplinary artist, Chase Voorhees.

The cards are printed on beautiful, high quality 350gsm art paper. The cards feature unfinished edges and white card backs. The artistic inspiration behind this choice was the desire to allow these cards to be a "blank slate." These cards are meant to be colored in by the user, who can put their own interpretation of the spectrum on the cards. When the user decides to color their own deck, it will provide them with an experience that is wholly their own -- a true co-collaboration with the creator of the deck.

Tarot of the Holy Spectrum: Color Me Edition features a wholly black and white deck. The cards have been reworked so that users have the ability to color in the deck how they see fit. Feel free to color the edges and backs in any color you choose. You are limited only by your imagination.

The cards are sized at 120mm x 70mm (traditional Tarot size), and come in a gorgeous white magnetic flap box with an embossed holographic infinity loop on the front.

Tarot of the Holy Spectrum: Color Me Edition Includes:

  • 78 Tarot cards, each beautifully designed in black and white.

  • White box, with an embossed infinity loop on the cover


Please note: This Tarot deck does not come with a guide book. The intention behind this choice is to empower the reader to come to their own understanding of what the cards mean for them.

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