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Salt Water Spirit Oracle Deck



Water is the womb of the Earth.

Water holds a long forgotten ancient wisdom that has a deep connection to the divine feminine. As we enter the Age of Aquarius, the bearer of water, we see the divine awakening of the collective stirring. 

Water itself embodies the energy of wisdom, deep healing, unearthed emotions, secret wishes, transformation, birth and rebirth, among many other aspects. 

This deck was created with the intention to help clarify the world around you through a deeper perspective using ethereal artworks which awaken a deeper communication between spirit and the querent.

​Written and Illustrated by Yana Saint LéVie

Published in collaboration with Prism + Fleur 


  •  Card | page
  •  101 x 137 x 32mm | 310g
  •  Prism and Fleur design studio
  •  Shenzhen China
  •  English

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