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Sage Spirit sustainably harvests herbs native to Lindrith, New Mexico, located in a remote area of the high desert. All the herbs are gathered with great love and respect to Mother Earth, including the ritual giving of blue corn in return as an offering of thanks for the gathered herbs.

Cedar is a purifier and calls forth good energy. Cedar is often found in combination with sage in smudge sticks. It is used by some for bringing in the vibration of Christ consciousness and protection. One Native American man taught me that he doesn’t use cedar to cleanse as much as he does for praying and invoking the energy of Great Spirit. Cedar herb or the oil is a preservative of all that is good and blessed. Cedar, also known as cedarwood, oil, was used by the ancient Egyptians for mummification and by other ancient cultures for sarcophagi. It was also used for palace- and temple-building materials. Use it in oil form or the dried herb.

Sage comes in a variety of types. This herb is the foundation for most of the smudging, or clearing, blends. Using this herb alone is very effective in clearing away negative thoughtforms and vibrations. Burning this herb is the cornerstone for clearing out negative energy. There are many types of sage. Wide leaf white sage is the one I use most often for its powerful energy. High desert sage with its smaller leaves and twiggy nature is my second choice. Sage pure essential oil is always a component in the smokeless liquid variety. It clears the energy just as effectively when joined with water and spritzed in the same manner that you use the smoke.

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