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Lavender Cone (pack of 5 cones)


Benefits of Lavender

Lavender health benefits includes supporting metal health, easing migraines and headaches, treating acne, relieving pain, beneficial in fighting respiratory issues, support overall brain health, act as bug repellent, promotes healthy urinary tract, and a source of antioxidants.

The use of lavender has been noted for more than two thousand years. The word lavender comes from a Latin word ‘Lavare’, which means; to wash.  The Egyptians and Greeks being the oldest civilizations of the world have records of using it for its perfumes and medicinal purposes.

How often should you Smudge your space?

We always recommend going with your intuition. If you are reading this information now, there is a very good chance that you already have developed or are working on developing your intuitive skills. However, a good time to bring out the smudging stick would be:

  • After a healing session
  • If you have too many visitors in your space
  • Definitely after an argument or any stressful situation
  • When the planets are done doing fun things, such as an eclipse, a full or new moon night or after Mercury Retrograde 
  • Before you start any prayers or rituals
  • If you have a lot of negative thoughts
  • When you feel weighed down by your emotions

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