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Reiki Healing By Jan Jan ($2,380)


Each Reiki Healing treatment phase consists of 4 sessions, with each session lasting about 1 hour. An aura analysis will be conducted at the beginning of each phase to first understand the state of your aura. During each session, the therapist will place a crystal energy plate next to you until the session is complete. 

  •  Phase 1: Release the negative energy surrounding your body.  
  •  Phase 2: Infuse you with positive energy and discharge the negative energy from inside your body.  
  •  Phase 3: Infuse you with positive energy and improve the subconscious mind-induced traumatic sequela to achieve a better energy balance.
  •  Phase 3 Extension: Should you wish to continue receiving the benefits of Reiki Healing, you may purchase additional sessions (in sets of 4) to extend the treatment under Phase 3. 
  • Note: 
    *The above price includes only four sessions. 


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Booking Remarks:

  • Deposit of HK$0 is required to request a service appointment
  • This Deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • Please note that the remaining balance for the full price of the service fee must be settled in cash only at the Shop at or prior to the commencement time and date of such service appointment. 
  • 24 hours advanced booking required.
  • Availability is subject to open time slots in the booking calendar. You shall receive email confirmation after we have confirmed your booking. If you have not received this email after making a booking request, please contact one of our staff.
  • Once you have requested a booking, the time slot cannot be changed and the Deposit may not be applied towards a different time slot or service.
  • Treehouse reserves the right to accept or reject booking requests at its sole discretion.
  • If a customer is late to their appointment, the booking will still end at the original scheduled end time, and no refund or new time slot will be given.
  • Bookings are subject to our further terms and conditions. Please see our Terms & Conditions and Cancellation Policy for more information. 

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