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Wooden Incense burner with carving


Size: approx.26*5.5*3cm

Weight: approx.247g



1. One such exquisite furnishing articles on your room, the indoor add

2. As a refined interest, with meditation and aid-sleeping effect.

3. Suitable for: Sitting Room, Bedroom, Office, Study, Leisure places.

Use range:

1. Use in home or in the office:

lit a incense, clean air, refreshing, warm and comfortable, a pleasant body and mind, can completely relax, easy work, improve quality of life.

2.Exquisite ornaments:

Placed, elegant taste, lit a incense, a mysterious atmosphere, but also a landscape, with friends to enjoy

3.Exquisite gifts:

Can be used as a business gift, holiday gift, business gift, exquisite, elegant, reasonable and appropriate.

4.Wide range of uses:

The tea-house, chess room, yoga, meditation can point a fragrance, make you more focused on entertainment.

Usage method:

After the incense is ignited, place it in the incense burner, and then cover the lid.

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