【PRE-ORDER】Ganesha Statue


GANESHA is one of the most widely worshiped deities in Hinduism. He is known as a god of success, wisdom, remover of obstacles, and creativity.

  1. GANESHA ASURAYA - the god of success and protection
    (M) Height ~ 8cm
    (L) Height ~ 18cm

  2. GANESHA NATALEELA - the god of success and creativity
    (M) Height ~ 8.5cm
    (L) Height ~ 17.5cm
  3. GANESHA AISHWARYA - the god of success and mercy
    (M) Height ~ 8.5cm
    (L) Height ~ 18.5cm
  4. GANESHA MAHASETTHI - the god of success and wealth
    (M) Height ~ 8.5cm
    (L) Height ~ 18cm
  5. GANESHA PHATARNPHORN - the god of success and blissfulness
    (M) Height ~ 10cm
    L) Height ~ 20cm

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