Elephant & Lotus

Frangipani Candle


The fresh floral scent of frangipani transports your heart to the distant exotic resorts of Bali, a place synonymous for rest and relaxation. A wonderful way to centre yourself using your olfactory senses. 

Our sense of smell is closely related to memories, probably more so than any of our other senses. It is often said that the unique aroma in scented candles can bring us back to some of the most precious memories.

With this Frangipani candle, it recalls us on the refreshing scents of Bali, filling the scenery with sunlight and seashore. Close your eyes and feel the surrounding atmosphere after lighting the candle, the natural candle with soy wax will fill your space with a warm and cozy ambiance and bring you back the memories of traveling in midsummer.

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