Unveiling our latest Sacred Incense, “Divine Love,” a fragrant blend that stimulates the soul and promotes overall wellbeing. This ceremonial incense is crafted with the utmost integrity to protect the inherent restorative qualities of its sacred components. The purpose is to metamorphose your surroundings and unlock your heart’s potential. Simply inhaling its tranquilizing aroma swiftly elevates you from unfavorable emotions and purifies your environment. This fragrance helps to enhance your spiritual practice, including meditation and rituals, by creating an energetically supportive atmosphere.

Rose, Sandalwood oils, fragrant Loban resin, combined with wood and coal powders, hand-rolled on bamboo
100% natural, no synthetic ingredients,handcrafted in India.

The potent aroma of this incense makes it perfect for use in expansive areas, near open windows, or in outdoor settings.

Box contains 27 incense sticks. One stick burns up to 45 min.


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