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Cosmic Guidance Oracle


Let the magic begin... Cosmic Guidance was created with endless love, with an intention to help you connect with your intuition and the Universe, and gently offer you guidance on anything that might be on your mind.

The violet colour present in the (original) decks is the colour of our Crown Chakras - energy centres that allow us to connect with the divine energy that created us: pure love, peace and joy. 

Every illustration was created intuitively and has symbolisms and deeper meanings related to the card. Mountains often symbolise challenges, water symbolises going with the flow, specific flowers and animals illustrated have their own associated meanings. Celestial elements in the artworks such as stars, planets and moons represent our connection with the Universe.

  • Format 42 Cards
  • Traditional Tarot card size 90 x 130 mm
  •  Dreamy Moons
  •  Australia
  •  English

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