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Paper Oracle Lenormand Deck for Divination


“The Paper Oracle” is a deck of Lenormand cards modeled after the traditional Lenormand deck with a few small changes. I consider it to be a deck that is suitable for beginners and experts alike, as well as somewhat of a unique oracle deck in and of itself.

The traditional Lenormand deck contains thirty-six cards. The Paper Oracle includes these cards (though some of them have been renamed and reframed slightly) but there are also an additional seven cards. Among these additions, I’ve included a Non-Binary significator card inspired by the “Scrying Ink” Lenormand deck, which was created by artist Siolo Thompson.

The Paper Oracle is a great deck for beginners, or anyone who’s already familiar with Lenormand cards, tarot-reading, or oracle decks. The 43 cards are fairly easy to read intuitively, but also come with a short guide booklet that not only includes descriptions of each card and the symbols associated with it, but also offers one a crash course on reading the cards for the first time.

The cards measure 2.48 by 3.46 inches- the same size as a standard deck of playing cards.

They are printed on standard semi-gloss cardstock that is springy and easy to shuffle, but also durable.

The deck is in full-detailed color, and offers a range of diverse symbols and archetypes that I hope will appeal and speak to anyone who uses it, and will be capable of providing insights into any question you ask.

The Paper Oracle is the intellectual property of Eric Maille Art, and producing reprints of this deck is a violation of copyright law that will reported to the appropriate authorities, and met with legal action.
© EricMailleArt 2021


  •  43 Cards
  • Traditional Tarot card size  2.48 x 3.46 inches
  •  Eric Maille Art
  •  USA
  •  English

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