Ceremony Pure Myrrh Incense


Introducing our new Sacred Incense “Ceremony”, from our new Premium Label Incense Collection, this light and warm, spiritual scent inspires the soul and heals body and mind. Ceremony sacred incense is produced by highest purity standards to ensure the natural, healing properties of the sacred ingredients to transform your space and enlighten your inner being. Just breathing in its calming scents lifts you very quickly from negative moods and clears the space, leaving you feeling peaceful, centered and receptive to healing and the fruits of your spiritual practice. It opens you to the divine channels found in Nature. This scent is energetically greatly supportive for meditation, ritual & other spiritual practices.

Ingredients: Myrrh Resin, Sandalwood powder, Indian Herbs, Charcoal Powder

100% natural, chemical free, no synthetic ingredients
handcrafted in India.
This incense has a very light fragrance and is therefore ideal to burn indoors.

Box contains 12 incense sticks.

One stick burns up to 45 min.


Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday! Now when purchasing any two of Shivaloka Incense, you can get a free incense dish. The discounted price will be automatically deducted from the shopping cart. Available while supplies last.

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