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Candle Kit Set (Silver)


The set has been immaculately crafted to prolong the life of your favourite candles.

Made of high-quality polished stainless steel with silver paint for durability and long-term use. It comprises of three handy tools.

  • Wick trimmer: It ensures a clean, smoke-free burn and will prevent any unwanted 'mushrooming
  • Snuffer: It easily extinguishes the flame, eliminating the risk of wax overspill.
  • Wick Dipper: Use it to push the wick over into the wax and snuff. This coats and seals the wick preventing smoking and smouldering.
This candle tools set is not easy to rust, not easy to bend and durability.
Note: It is normal for the trimmer had oil and a few scratch, and does not affect normal use ( the oil to protect the scissors)
When are you going to light the wick, the candle kit set can help you be easily lit the wick, ensure your wick every time is clean, make sure your candle bright, more easily than ever before to use, it is really very convenient for use

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