Forest Path

Cancer Zodiac Candle


Each zodiac-inspired candle is handmade and hand-poured using 100% soy wax and pure essential oils for a long, clean burn. Crafted with intention by astrologists and aromatherapists, they contain a special magical blend of oils, crystals, and flowers. Each Forest Path Zodiac Candle neutralizes the challenges and chaos brought about by star, moon and rising signs. Great for uplifting yourself or as a gift for others!


This Cancer Zodiac Candle works to:

- Harmonize Emotions: Release fears and worries that may cause you to retreat into your shell. Melt away stress and anxiety, creating a tranquil space for you to connect with your inner world.

- Stay resolute: Cultivate unwavering emotional fortitude. Empower you to face life's challenges with steadfast courage, knowing that your feelings, though powerful, will not sweep you away.

-Love Yourself: Encourage you to turn your nurturing spirit inward. Make self-care a priority, unapologetically indulging in activities that fill your heart. Remind yourself that you are worthy of the same love and compassion you so freely give to those around you.


  • 100% Sox Wax
  • Pure Essentials oils 
  • Natural Crystals
  • Natural Dry Botanicals

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