Bhutanese Incense



Amitaba stands for wisdom, healing and protection but his role also embodies compassionate love.  Honour Amitaba to let go of non-virtues and free oneself of selfish egos to realise a profound respect for others and the world.


Bhutan is a rare and mysterious country in the world, even travellers who travel all over the world feel difficult to reach. Happiness and well-being is the keyword of Bhutan, with the happiness of the people as the main development indicator. With the Tibetan Buddhism culture, Bhutan has countless temples and pagodas. There is always a fascinating fragrance when you step into a temple. A variety of Bhutanese temple incenses are now available in Treehouse.


12 temple incenses are made by temple monks, all incense are sent out after being blessed by the monks. The natural ingredients are especially spiritual and effective. Let us walk you through the happy secrets of Bhutan.

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