Forest Path

Aries Zodiac Candle


Each zodiac-inspired candle is handmade and hand-poured using 100% soy wax and pure essential oils for a long, clean burn. Crafted with intention by astrologists and aromatherapists, they contain a special magical blend of oils, crystals, and flowers. Each Forest Path Zodiac Candle neutralizes the challenges and chaos brought about by a star, moon and rising signs. Great for uplifting yourself or as a gift for others!


This Aries Zodiac Candle works to:

-Calm Impulses: help to ground your high-octane nature, allowing you to pause and reflect before acting on impulse.

-Step Back: encourages you to step back and gain a broader perspective, empowering you to make more thoughtful and aligned decisions.

-Be Patient: inspires patience, reminding you to trust the timing of your journey and allow things to unfold organically.


  • 100% Sox Wax
  • Pure Essentials oils 
  • Natural Crystals
  • Natural Dry Botanicals

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