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White Sage with Copal Smudge Kit

Each Hand picked Copal Smudge Stick is approximately 4" long. This listing is for one smudge stick.

Copal is wonderful to use during meditation. Copal is linked with the crown chakra. Copal can help deepen your awareness, encouraging pure thoughts during meditation.

Copal can also help to strengthen the auric body, and remove energy blockages. Copal can be particularly useful in times of stress, or for alleviating feelings of depression, helping shift your mindset.

Copal can also be used to purify the energy of spaces and objects. Copal has a clean, light, woody scent that could be compared to pine or turpentine.

One of the best uses for burning Copal is to clear away all the negative energy, and make positive changes. Copal brings a positive, loving vibe that will fill your home with peaceful energies.

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