Treehouse X Worldly Aromas - Grounding Candle 240ml


Some of you may have already seen Worldly Aromas products around Treehouse. They are our good friends from the UK with whom we have worked closely to develop different products including this Grounding Candle specifically for those living in Hong Kong. 

There are few cities like Hong Kong. Most of us live in tiny apartments amidst one of the most hectic and crowded cities in the world, and arduous work lives that we have come to accept as daily routine. It’s not a bad place but certainly not the way nature intended us to live. As we find ourselves constantly indoors, encased by the urban concrete jungle that is devoid of Earth’s natural surroundings, and lacking time to see our families and friends, it is unsurprising many of us suffer from Grounding problems. 

Treehouse teamed up with Worldly Aromas to develop a Grounding Candle that is formulated to tackle the very specific grounding issues most Hong Kongers face.

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