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Pink Amethyst


The feminine essence of this crystal remains consistent throughout all of its metaphysical properties. Pink amethyst is a balancer, healer, womb-warmer and comforter — through and through. 

Almost all of the properties of this stone seek to fill the heart with love at all times, which is not a common attribute for any form of amethyst. This gentle love energy is deeply connected to the spirits, but in a healing way as opposed to a psychic way. Regular purple amethyst is more concerned with the psychic. 

You’re likely to find your intuition is increased when working with pink amethyst. This may offer you comfort during any form of sadness or grief, as you’ll have a heightened sense of truth no matter what adversity you are facing. 

Pink amethyst is also a potent emotional balancer. During overwhelming interactions, you’ll be enabled to stay calm and collected, often neutralizing the energetic charge of the situation at hand. 

Pink Amethyst Healing Properties 

There are also healing properties of pink amethyst, and the most important one is one that we have touched on already. Pink amethyst is a neutralizer of anxiety; even those who suffer from debilitating, chronic angst have seen improvement after long term use of this new crystal. 

Pink amethyst is a stress reliever. If you, or someone you know, suffers from unwavering stress, there could be relief in keeping this stone close by. Similarly, pink amethyst may be able to treat physical ailments associated with intense stress, such as gut disorder, high blood pressure, and an over-sensitive nervous system. 

Pink amethyst may reduce headaches when worn religiously. In the same regard, it may also induce lucid dreaming, as it is working so closely with the brain and mind. Keep it under your pillow if such an experience sounds like something you might like to enjoy!

Pink Amethyst Chakra 

What’s really incredible about pink amethyst is that it is able to stimulate three chakras simultaneously. This is not common, as most stones generally only work closely with one chakra. The chosen chakra is usually within the same ray energy as the stone. For example, green crystals work with the green chakra, also known as the heart chakra, while blue stones work with the blue energy center, known as the throat chakra. 

Pink amethyst works with the heart chakra, the third eye chakra and the crown chakra. It is particularly instrumental in opening up the heart after it has been deeply wounded, either through grief or trauma. 

If there is a particular chakra you feel you need help with, it can be a good idea to lay flat on your back and place the stone directly onto the area in question. If you don’t have the time for this kind of daily work, opt to wear your amethyst as jewelry instead. 

Height x Width x Length: 31mm x 45mm x 45mm (Approximately)
Weight: 55g (Approximately)

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