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Herbpiness - Natural Air Freshener Lavender



This product was extracted from natural fragrance, no mixture of  any dangerous chemicals and carcinogens, it is a delight scent  product to create refreshment and happiness safely for users. no mixture of synthetic fragrances and also rich of benefit from pure essential oil with each special fragrances, those are full of delight smell and inhaled easily, not dizzy as other spay conditioners.

Natural air freshener is a sensual aroma spray that suitable to apply any area in a house; pillows, curtains, closet or even in a car.

• Lavender scent •

Have a good dream

As a night fall, a brief greeting wish you sleep well for all long hours comfortably.
Ancient Greeks gave a lavender bag for insomniac as they discovered that “Once the scent of lavender was diffused in the air throughout the twilight, people would have a rest and relax sleep all night” Therefore, it became a beginning of a charming lavender sachet under pillow for insomnia treatment.

When insomniac been scent of sweet lavender, it help them asleep easier and deeper, and make them feel relax and comfortable like they standing in the midst of blossom lavender field.

• Direction •

Shake well before spray in a room, on pillows, curtains, closet or in any where you want, leave it for a while, and then enjoy truly scent of nature.

• Caution •

- Do not spray in/nearby flame area or fire spark
- Keep spray away from eyes. If sprayed or splashed in eyes,
immediately remove and rinse eyes with plenty of water
- The sensitive skin should be avoided from direct contact.
If irritation occur, stop using it immediately
- Avoid to spray near any surfaces that react with alcohols
- Keep away from sun, heat, flame, kid, and pet

• Notation •

This product was extracted from natural fragrance, so it should be avoided from sun.


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