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Citrine Sphere


These large citrine spheres are perfect for so many different applications.

Large enough to be powerful, but still small enough to fit on most altars and display spaces, this crystal is sure to bring lots of beautiful loving energy to your space. Citrine is a must have for all crystal collectors, both beginners are experienced collectors alike. Grab one of these pieces and enjoy the energy of citrine!

Citrine acts on both the Solar Plexus and Sacral Chakras by improving self-esteem, reducing sensitivity to criticism, releasing negative emotions, and encouraging self-expression. As a result, it provides one with courage and assertiveness. Citrine is well suited for those who find themselves to be emotionally vulnerable, shy, over thinkers, or indecisive. 

This listing is for one, intuitively picked, large citrine crystal sphere. Product images are for reference only. Each crystal is unique and beautiful, expect slight variations in color, size, and texture. 

Diameter: 70mm
Weight: 1500g

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