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Amethyst Geode


Each piece is unique, keep in mind that the piece you will receive may have certain differences in the shape of the stone, but the same quality.

Our stones are never artificially dyed or treated. The back and base are absolutely natural (basalt)


Healing Properties of Amethyst:

  • Strengthening spirituality and willpower
  • Balancing sensibility and rational thinking
  • Relieving headaches and tension
  • Improving sleep quality



Geodes are not particularly effective for charging or purifying our crystals. Treehouse recommends “link to WOL collection” for Crystal maintainance.


Height x Width x Length: 61mm x 72mm x 81mm (Approximately)
Weight: 340g (Approximately)

Height x Width x Length: 55mm x 70mm x 89mm (Approximately)
Weight: 435g (Approximately)

Height x Width x Length: 49mm x 58mm x 83mm (Approximately)
Weight: 330g (Approximately)

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